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Voluntourism is an inspiring new way to travel.

CME Travel offers healthcare professionals the optional opportunity to volunteer at a local hospital or clinic at the destination of your medical education course.

Work in your field while abroad and help the local population by exchanging medical practices and techniques.

Voluntourism is a unique way to assist those in need. There is a huge need for health volunteers throughout the globe with meaningful assignments only medical professionals can carry out. The medical personnel most in demand by relief agencies include surgeons, pediatricians, family practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, public health educators, maintenance/repair personnel and laboratory technicians.

A medical volunteer can gain so much by engaging in humanitarian relief work:

  • Exposure to challenging new problems
  • A chance to demonstrate commitment to and interest in the underserved
  • A chance to put philosophical convictions into action
  • A chance to overcome unique obstacles
  • Encountering interesting new cultures and customs
  • The adventure of travel to exotic, faraway lands
  • A chance to teach and learn new skills
  • A great life experience for self and family

While volunteering with CME Travel, medical professionals also get a chance to gain more accreditation toward their continued medical education. Participants will benefit from the program and take away an experience that will change the way you look at the world.


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