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Yes! We will help you get your traveler’s insurance, which should include cancellation insurance, medical emergency insurance, lost and stolen baggage, and …? (health and accident insurance)

Yes! We will help you procure a visa if the destination you are travelling to requires one. We provide you with the information you need to obtain a visa through a service company or the country’s embassy. The visa price varies depending on the country of travel.

Yes! Since healthcare professionals must complete a certain amount of credits per year, we ensure that all CME Travel trips fall under the program requirements and are fully tax deductible. All programs are designed to comply with The Canadian…………….rules and deductibility requirements under code section …………. as directly related to the conduct of the attendee’s profession and meeting the reasonableness standard of the foreign seminar rules.

Yes! You can bring your friends and family. Each additional traveler will pay the cost for his/her airfare and accommodations; however, only healthcare professionals benefit from the tax deduction.

Each trip has its own cancellation policy including the dates until which you can cancel in order to receive a partial refund without penalty.

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