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Event Planning

Your Success is our Success!

We plan events, conferences, meetings and consultations. Our approach boosts revenues, builds attendance, and strengthens program content.  No matter the size or location, your event is important and deserves to be in good hands.

Your needs are unique, so you can expect a package of services tailored to you.  We craft the event to fit your program and budget, blending cutting-edge technology, sustainable thinking and perfect venues, while keeping ahead of changes as they arise.

Whether your event is large or small, straight-forward or complex, one day or several days in duration, live or virtual, we can make it happen.

Creating a successful, productive meeting hinges upon designing an experience that will allow your attendees to be engaged and connect with one another.  We want them to leave feeling inspired, focusing on new business connections and what they have learned.  We build a seamless experience, so they can do just that.

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Pre-Event Consultation & Planning

Venue & Accommodation Consultation

Marketing & Promotions

Project Management & Logistics

Sponsorship & Exhibit Management

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