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Message from the President

Traveling abroad is about seeing the sights, becoming exposed to culture, enjoying adventures, and relaxing with your friends and family. CME Travel offers all of that and has added other dimensions to the thrill of travel: continuing medical education and the option of volunteering.

As a dedicated Travel and Leisure expert, I am excited to announce the merging of two fields that fit together naturally so as to provide synergistic and meaningful travel possibilities to all those in the healthcare profession.

Together with a first-class team of handpicked specialists, CME Travel offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to travel to exotic destinations while earning approved credits toward their continuing medical education requirements. Alongside the conferences that are held abroad, healthcare professionals can also enjoy the optional opportunity to work in the field as volunteers—gaining insight into international techniques and approaches to medical practices.

My longstanding relationship with travel demonstrates my commitment to the industry and my deep understanding of how to plan and organize trips so as to optimize the vacation experience. Our one-of-a-kind Concierge Tour Director offers unique activities and local caches so each day’s chance for excitement and relaxation is optimized.

We, at CME Travel, welcome you to participate in the endless travel opportunities we offer. A wide range of conferences held across a variety of luxurious destinations, CME Travel is sure to have a trip that will both match your interests and delight your senses.

Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!


President, CME Travel

Dr. Martin Goldstein MD, CCFP

Dr. Goldstein is a graduate of University of Montreal and has operated a successful family practice in Montreal since 1985. In addition to his family practice, he is an owner and an active partner in an emergency walk in clinic.  The clinic is a “Clinique Reseau”, to be recognized in this context, it must meet strict eligibility requirements which are government mandated. The clinic employs more than 40 Physicians, plus staff. Regular CME events are held on their premises and ongoing education is very important to Dr. Goldstein and his partners. Dr. Goldstein is also involved with cosmetic dermatology and has had a successful practice for the past 16 years.

Dr. Goldstein serves as an advisory physician  on medical issues and his experience and commitment to ongoing medical education is a valuable addition to our organization.

Annette MacGillivray

Annette has worked in the travel and tourism industry for over 40 years. She started her career with Air Canada, where she dedicated ten years to the company. She continued on as a corporate agent for Northern Telecom and Steinberg stores.

Most recently, Annette owned and operated two of her own successful travel agencies for over ten years—Maison de Voyages (House of Travel) and Destination Hughes Travel, where she organized and arranged travels for a wide range of travel types: personal, business, leisure, education. Annette specializes in group travel and has organized many large groups on their trips.

Annette’s extensive travel experience, along with her first-hand knowledge of continuing medical education travel is what brought her to this next venture of CME Travel. Annette has, for over fifteen years, been involved in clinic management, along with her physician husband who is owner of Statcare Medical Clinic located in Montreal.  Annette has attended and worked on numerous CME conferences.

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